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Who Can Join

  • Anyone employed by our sponsor companies;
  • City of Newark : Anyone who lives, works, worship or attend school in the city of Newark; businesses and other legal entities;
  • Dover area: People who live, work, worship, attend school within city limits; businesses and other legal entities;
  • Middletown Area: Persons who live, work, worship, or attend school in, businesses and other legal entities
  • Any immediate family members of current or eligible members
    • This includes: spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandchildren, grandparents, stepparents, and stepchildren;
  • Anyone who lives in the same household with a current or eligible member;
  • Anyone who is a member or former member of the former DelPart FCU and First State Federal Credit Union which has been merged with American Spirit Federal Credit Union.

To become a member, call 302-738-4515,  302-464-4067 or 302-674-5281 or stop by our conveniently located office at 1110 Elkton Road in Newark, 98 Sandhill Drive in Middletown or 58 Carver Road in Dover and talk to a member services representative.

The Credit Union Experience

Whether you’re looking for a safe place to earn a return on your savings or a loan to help make your life better, American Spirit FCU is here to help. We offer a full range of loan and savings products, at rates you’ll find most attractive. Check our rates and compare our fee schedule with for-profit institutions, and you’ll agree that the credit union choice is best.

As a not-for-profit organization, we don’t have stockholders expecting large profits --- profits raised through fees, lower interest on savings, or 18% or more interest on credit cards.

Annual surveys of consumer satisfaction by the banking industry itself show year after year that credit union members are more positive about their experience than customers of for-profit institutions.

Who We Are

American Spirit Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1963. The founding members believed that a non-profit financial institution organized and operated by fellow workers would help improve their lives and the lives of their co-workers. The credit union was a unique idea to many of the workers who were having trouble obtaining financial services in the 1960’s. The credit union attracted many members who were interested in the credit union’s cooperative nature and its non-profit status. American Spirit Federal Credit Union has grown to a mid-sized financial institution with over 30 million dollars in assets. The credit union’s relatively small size, its non profit status, and the fact that its’ owned and operated by local members, continues to attract many new members.

The Credit Union Difference

Credit Unions are much different in their reason-for-being than banks. American Spirit Federal Credit Union’s mission is to "...improve the personal well-being of everyone affiliated with the credit union". In other words, we are here to help each member improve their lives through financial education, better financial planning, and better priced products and services. Contrast our mission with that of the banking industry; banks are formed to make money for their stockholders-that is their purpose. Their customers are simply the source of their profit! Because credit unions are non-profit, we don’t have a wealthy group of stockholders demanding that we increase profits- profits increased by raising fees, lower interest on savings, or by charging 18% on credit cards. No, the only group we have to satisfy are our members!