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National Program gets GM Discounts for Members 
of American Spirit Federal Credit Union!

Two major automobile manufacturers have announced a partnership with America's Credit Unions to "Invest in America" by providing discounts to members looking to buy a new car through.

GM's "Invest in America" program offers members 4.5% off of the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on top of any other rebates or discounts offered to buyers.

Click here to get pre-approved for your auto loan through American Spirit. We'll provide you with an AutoDraft—a check you can use at the dealership that is valid for up to the stated amount on the check. Then you can negotiate a price you can afford for your new car, get your GM credit union discount and hand the dealer your AutoDraft. Financing your vehicle through American Heritage is that simple.

For the GM program click here, register and choose American Spirit Federal Credit Union in the drop down menu, then print out your personal Authorization Number and head to your local GM dealer to get cruising in your new car.