It’s time to pay for groceries at the supermarket. You tell the cashier you’re paying with your VISA Check Card (debit). He then asks “Debit or Credit?”

Ever wonder why you’re asked this question?
The merchant is simply asking you how you would like the transaction processed. No matter how you respond – “debit” or “credit” – the purchase will be deducted from your Share/Draft Checking Account. That means, even if you say “credit,” the purchase will NOT get billed to a credit card. It will get deducted from your Checking Account.

What’s the Difference?

DEBIT – If you say “debit,” the transaction is processed through the ATM network, and you must use your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
CREDIT – If you say “credit,” the transaction is processed through the VISA network. When you choose “credit” and sign for the purchase, it actually helps your credit union and other members because VISA transactions are more efficient and are less costly than ATM transactions, in addition using credit offers more security because you are not required to submit your PIN. So, the next time you’re asked, “debit or credit,” help out your credit union and say, “credit” and see how simple your Check Card is to use.