Along with your suitcase and camera, be sure to take along the convenience and safety of American Spirit Federal Credit Union. Our services make traveling a breeze: • Shared Branching. Access hundreds of locations nationwide.

• Credit & Debit Cards. For safety, use your credit or debit card rather than carrying large amounts of cash. You’re also protected if your cards are lost or stolen. • ATM Access. You’ll have access to emergency cash if you need it. Choose well-lit, public locations.
• Direct Deposit. Have incoming checks deposited automatically to reduce the risk of a lost or stolen check.
• Online & Mobile Banking. View accounts, pay bills and make other transactions from anywhere, 24/7.
• eStatements. Securely access your information, with no statements left unattended at home.
• Sprig. Manage your accounts in one place. Send and receive money, make transfers and mobile deposits. For more security:
• Leave your laptop at home. It contains a plethora of personal information, which, in the wrong hands, could compromise your identity.
• Consider a hotel safe to store valuables. But also verify who on staff has legitimate access.
• Stop your mail. Stacks of mail alert thieves to your absence. If you plan to be gone for an extended period, stop your mail.

Select The Credit Option!

Select Credit vs. PIN when you have the opportunity. It’s more secure for purchases because of the $0 liability protection you receive from Visa. Only signature transactions (credit) are eligible for this added purchase protection. If an item is damaged or stolen, you’re covered!

And if fraud happens, you won’t pay for charges you didn’t authorize. Contact us if you see a transaction that isn’t yours.

Beware Of Phishing & Email Scams

Never share your information via an email or text message – unless you initiated the contact. You could become a victim of a crime called phishing. Many people fall prey by unwittingly providing confidential information online for scammers to use.

Also, watch for odd or unfamiliar emails or text messages with attachments. They can contain harmful viruses. If you’re unsure of the sender, play it safe. Delete the message and never open the attachments. Anti-virus software can help protect your data. So will keeping your operating systems up-to-date.

Remember, we will never contact you to solicit personal information

The Many Uses of Sand Buckets

Sand pails aren’t just for making sand castles. Here are several ways you can get creative with them.
•More than just sand castles – Use them to dig the sand, fill them with water, bury people in the sand, put your shell collection in them, use them to hold down your blanket or towels (after they’re filled with water or sand).
•Goodie bags – Fill them with bubbles, small toys, candy, etc. and hand them out as favors at a kid’s birthday party.
•Vase/Planter – Put a floral arrangement or a small plant in a sand bucket. It can double as a vase or planter.
•Decorations – If you’re hosting a summer party, you can use sand buckets as center pieces when you fill them with sand, shells, LED candles, flowers, or whatever matches your theme.
•Lunch pail – Consider packing your lunch in a sand bucket. You could put the ice pack at the bottom and your sandwich and juice on top of it. Then, top them off with chips and cookies.
•Perfect for the buffet table – Fill them with chips, potato salad, pasta salad, pretzels, candy, cookies, the desert sand, etc. It brings color and fun to the buffet table.
•Craft corner – Fill them with glue, crayons, markers, glitter, paper, etc. to create easy storage for crafts.
•Road trip – They’re great to throw things into for your family’s next road trip. Have your kids put their favorite things in them so they’ll be entertained as you travel.