Planning a vacation can be stressful. Just keep in the back of your mind all of the fun you’re going to have and that this stress will be worth it.

Book your airfare as soon as possible.

This helps keep prices low and lets you pick your preferred seats.

Save more than you expect to need.

It’s always a good plan to have an extra few hundred dollars in case you need some extra cash.

If going abroad, learn about the culture.

Learn about the meanings of different hand gestures and the right clothing for different churches, museums, etc. Some tourist attractions and countries have dress codes.

Bring electrical converters.

Overseas you will need to bring an electrical converter for anything you want to plug in.

Be aware that plans change.

Your flight could be delayed, your room might not be ready yet, your preferred rental car is nowhere to be found, it’s raining, etc.Unfortunately, you can’t control these things.Bring an extra book to read in the airport,ask the hotel to secure your luggage as you grab lunch, go with the next best available car, and bring some activities you can do indoors.

Prepare your car.

Make sure the tires are properly inflated, the gas tank is full, the windshield wipers work, all of the fluids are topped off, etc. before heading on your road trip.

Bring food and activities for the car.

Don’t forget to pack some water bottles, snacks, pillows,a trash bag, hand wipes,and even a first aid kit.If you’re traveling with little kids, those activities will definitely come in handy.