If your elderly parent is moving in with you and your family, your life will change. Furthermore, your home will need to change to accommodate your parent’s needs.
Or, if you yourself are aging, you need to be realistic about what you can and can’t do at home anymore. Your vision, hearing and mobility aren’t as good as they were decades ago. Therefore, it makes sense to safe proof your home.
Falls are the most common home accidents. They can threaten the health and independence of the elderly. Check the house of your loved one on a regular basis to see what needs to be removed, updated or installed to improve their standard of living.
• Remove throw rugs throughout the home.
• Use high wattage light bulbs.
• Place a flashlight at the bedside.
• Install motion sensor lights outside near exterior doors.
• Install a higher toilet or add handrails in the shower and tub areas. Help your older parents safely enjoy their independence.