Whether you embrace winter weather or only endure it, it’s always a smart idea to winterize your home. Consider new windows, a roof, or energy efficient furnace. All can cut your energy bills. If a major project isn’t feasible, there are ways you can safeguard your home and conserve energy:

  1. Clean your gutters. If they become clogged, ice can form and damage gutters. It can also lead to water leaking into the home.
  2. Find and seal unwanted leaks. Choose a windy day to peruse your home. (Try holding a candle to find the leaks.) Check windows, door frames, recessed lighting areas, and electrical outlets.
  3. Use weather stripping and caulk. It will keep out draughts. Also pay attention to doorways; seal exterior cracks in brick and use door sweeps or draught stoppers.
  4. Insulate. It can reduce heating bills and keep things cozy. Peruse your attic and check the ceiling joists. If they’re visible, add more insulation.
  5. Inspect your chimney. Hire a professional to inspect annually for concerns. When not in use, close the damper. Or consider a chimney ‘balloon’ to keep draughts out. For wood stoves, keep the doors closed when not in use.
  6. Install a new thermostat. Try the programmable variety to reduce heating costs. Turn the temperature down at night or when you’re away.

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