Investment adviser representative Frederick J. Pellum III will be at American Spirit Federal Credit Union in Newark, DE on Februrary 21st providing guidance on:

  • Doubling your life savings.
  • Securing your family through:
    • Emergency savings
    • Short term savings
    • Long term investing
    • Life insurance
  • Other areas of the financial game, including:
    • Mutual fund investments
    • Individual 401(k) programs
    • IRAs
    • Annuities
    • Managed accounts
    • Small business solutions
    • Qualified business retirement programs
    • 457 programs
    • Educational savings plans
    • College savings plans

Frederick J. Pellum III is a highly accomplished former University Professor of 11 years. He has taken the passion he has for teaching and community empowerment and now serves as a financial consultant. He provides valuable education to families with accessible instruction for building and maintaining generational wealth.

If you are interested in attending a seminar with Mr. Pellum on February 21st or meeting with him one-on-one, please contact him at (770)265-1418 or