Go Green With eStatements

They’re the safest and fastest way to receive our information, available as soon as the third day after the end of the statement period. Call or stop by to sign up for estatements today.


Let us know when and where you plan to travel so that we can release any potential holds on your credit or debit card. An out-of-state purchase could be declined if the transaction is outside your normal spending patterns. Call us to ensure uninterrupted service.

Information Update

Have you relocated, or changed your phone number or email address? For the security of your account, it is imperative you notify us of any changes so we can have your updated contact information. Thank you.

Dormant Accounts

There is a $5 fee after six months of account dormancy. Activating your account is easy! Open a new account, make a transaction or sign up for Direct Deposit.

Unclaimed Property

If you have an account with us, such as a Checking, Savings, or Money Market Account, and have not conducted a transaction for the past three years, the account is considered “Unclaimed Property” by the State of Delaware. Unless we hear from you, we must relinquish or escheat the property (your funds) to the state on October 15, 2020. Call us for assistance if you might be in this situation.

Share The Benefits

Tell your spouse, siblings, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, etc. about our low-rate loans, friendly member service, convenient services, competitive savings rates, etc.