At American Spirit FCU, we’re here to save you money 24/7 – that includes your credit card transactions. When you carry our VISA Credit Card, every purchase or transfer you make is more affordable.

American Spirit FCU VISA

  • As low as 8.50% APR*
  • No Annual Fee, Low Balance Transfer Fee
  • Earn Score Rewards
  • eZCard Benefits – Track Balances, View Statements, Pay Bills
  • Peace of Mind With Visa’s Zero Liability Purchase Protection

Items To Watch For:

  • How high is your card’s current APR? Many bank cards are 22% or more!
  • A low APR is not your only consideration. Also, determine if it’s variable or fixed. Variable rates mean your payments will fluctuate.
  • What else impacts your APR — for example, will it increase if you make a late payment? Will it fluctuate with your credit score?
  • If you transfer balances, what will you pay in fees? Banks often charge a hefty fee for any transfers you make.
  • Also consider if you prefer earning rewards points on purchases.


Consider These Additional Points:**

  • The amount of your monthly payment.
  • How much interest you may pay over the life of the balance.


How Much Are You Paying? 18%? 20%? 22%? More?

Transfer your high-rate balances to an American Spirit VISA Card. Our low APR will help you to realize immediate savings and reduce the amount of interest you pay.


Your Current Credit Card: Balance: $5,000 , Current Rate: 18.9% APR, Monthly Payment: $200, Balance Payoff: 33 months, Total Paid: $6,405. American Spirit VISA Card: Balance Transferred: $5,000, Our Rate: 8.5% APR*, Monthly Payment: $200, Balance Payoff: 28 months. Total Paid: $5,522. Interest You’ll SAVE: $883**

It’s Easy To Get Started!

Apply online 24/7 at or call 800-941-7789. We’ll get you started on your very best credit card choice!
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate based on creditworthiness and subject to change without notice. Contact the credit union for complete details.
** See more comparisons using our financial calculators at clicking here.

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