The state Department of Banking is warning people to be on the lookout for a text scam that urges you to call your bank’s fraud department, but really, it’s scammers.

State banking officials say several customers have reported being the target of a text scam that leads you to believe your account is being hacked. But in reality, the scam is the text you’re receiving, which directs you to call your “bank” and provide information that is later used to access your account information.

According to officials, the scammers call the customer posing as customer support reporting suspicious activity. They read off transactions and mix in fraudulent suspicious purchases to make the call seem legit.

The Department of Banking said some customers are told to leave their compromised card in their mailbox for a courier to collect, but the “courier” takes the card and allegedly withdraws funds from an ATM.

Scammers are reportedly selling customer data to local groups that use the information. Officials said that in the past, that information has been used to make out-of-area purchases that would ultimately be flagged and denied.

The department said, “The new pattern is that individuals are using the information for local purchases that are more difficult to detect.”

Officials say it’s important to remember that your bank will never call or send you a text requesting your personal financial information. This includes your social security numbers, credit card numbers, PINs and passwords.

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