Genex Capital,
Put Your Money to Work

Do you have a Life Insurance Policy or Structured Settlement that you may want to sell for a lump sum of cash?

American Spirit FCU has teamed up with Genex Capital to provide our members with an opportunity to turn an unwanted structured settlement or commercial annuity payment or life insurance policy in a lump sum of cash.

  • Structured Settlements originate from Personal Injury Settlements
  • Commercial Annuities are issued by Insurance Companies and pay regular payments over a specific period of time or over the lifetime of the annuity owner

Do you know that each year many seniors cancel or cash in their life insurance policies because they no longer need the coverage or can afford the premiums?

We’re here to help!

American Spirit Federal Credit Union is proud to offer members the opportunity to convert structured settlements, commercial annuity payments and life insurance policies into cash that members can use today!

Contact Genex Capital for your no obligation quote today!

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    *Minimum age for life insurance policy purchase consideration is 60. Minimum face amount (death benefit) considered for purchase is $100,000.

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