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Product Description Features
Share Savings Account (holiday, insurance, special and vacation) An insured, dividend paying account that may be opened with a minimum amount and may be added to or withdrawn from as the member chooses.
  • Pays dividends with a minimum balance.Basic Shares-minimum opening deposit of $5.00.
  • Member may access accounts by Audio Response and Internet Access 24/7.
  • Rates
Money Market Account A liquid savings account that earns high dividends, and has a minimum balance of $1000.00.
  • Pays dividends from day of deposit to day of withdrawal.
  • Rates
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) Individual Retirement accounts are a resourceful investment product that offers potential tax benefits.
  • We can help you select the right program to address your future needs and will handle the transfer of your IRA (or certificate) from another institution.
  • Rates
Youth Savings Account An insured, immediate dividend paying account specifically for youth. May be added to or withdrawn from as the member chooses.
  • Must be under 18 years of age.
  • Pays dividends regardless of balance.
  • Minimum opening deposit of $5.00.
Share Certificate Accounts A selection of term deposits that offer higher dividends.

3.00% for a 1 year term
3.25% for a 2 year term
3.50% for a 3 year term
4.00% for a 4 year term

  • Certificate terms and rates vary.
  • Rates
Rate and Fee Schedules Visit our rates and fee schedule pages for dividend, terms, and specific account limitations.

An Account

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